Sunset 7 July

Posted: 13/08/21

Sunset 7 July 2021 - KATE CLARK

Well what can I say . . . ?

Coming into this I was worried about my thoughts running away with themselves.  However, I think a bit like pre-show nerves that passes.

With England playing in the semi-finals of the Euros, you could tell every time something eventful happened with the surrounding roar of England fans from surrounding pubs.

What hit me the most was how peaceful it was watching the pools of water on the roofs.  It also struck me how busy and noisy the city was.

All in all, the sky made a beautiful show as the sun went from hiding to a big ball of burning red/orange to a pin prick hidden by cloud . . . .  Beautiful.

One of 730.  Day 65, shift 129.

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