Posted: 20/06/21

Sunset 6 June 2021 - Alexandra Manole

Being above everything else was an extraordinary experience.  There’s been quite a few thoughts rushing through my head about the way we live, about the things we’ve built all this time.  We care too much about what other people are thinking, we don’t love ourselves enough, we don’t spend enough time with our own self and, when we do, it feels like we’re lazy, we’re not being productive.  I took that from a few people I saw during the watch.  The city itself is a massive concrete lover. 

 The sunset was beautiful and the sky looked like a piece of paper that was being burnt with colours such as orange, red, light blue.  It looked like the most gorgeous painting, with a misty landscape in the far back. 

 Overall, I think every city should have one of these spaces where people can reflect and be away from technology. 

 Thank you!    


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