Posted: 31/05/21

Sunset 5 May 2021 - Sally Currie

I saw someone watching me so I watched them.  Most of the other people I saw did not look up at all.  I also saw a lot of clouds of many different shapes and formations.  So that was good.  Red sky at night is shepherd’s delight.  I really like the ritual of taking part in something and sharing something although it reminded me a bit of that scene in the film ‘Us’ where everyone is holding hands across America.  (It was a good film.)  I watched a lot of films in the lockdown and television, even though prior to that I never really owned a TV for a decade.  The vigil reminds me of the fact that the landscape is my equivalent of television and so when the weather gets nicer I will go and find some more vantage points of my own to watch the world from.  X.

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