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Posted: 14/10/21

Sunset 4 September - Angus Mackechnie

Looking down on my fellow human beings, I felt both kindly and forgiving towards them – and, equally, angry and frustrated by our misguided race.  “You’re all so wrong about so many things,” I thought, “and yet you cannot see it, you cannot help yourselves.  Must.  Try.  Harder.”  Then I also thought, “You’re a simple species, not very bright really, and I forgive, love and support you.”  I thought of writers and artists who have grappled with mankind’s failings.  Dylan Thomas.  Shakespeare.  Bob Dylan.  Matt Cain.  Charlotte Brontë.  Antony Gormley.  Wim Wenders.  Etc, etc, etc. 

 I thought of my mum and her childhood in Hull and how, despite the bombing in the war, the city was a safe place for her in the 1940s. 

 I thought of nature and how bold and big it is.  How much bigger than us. 

 I smiled at the gulls.  I laughed at teenagers showing off on their bikes.  I smiled at the couple so proud of their young baby. 

 Goodnight Hull.  Rest well. 

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