Sunset 31 July

Posted: 15/08/21

Sunset 31 July 2021 - JAYNE GROSS

I was a bit fearful going into the Shelter following a close family bereavement the last thing I wanted was to be alone with my thoughts.

But I should not have worried.  The sights and sounds of the City grabbed my attention immediately.

My Vigil was accompanied by a loud pub band somewhere below playing Queen, Meatloaf and Bon Jovi covers.  At times I found myself singing along.

After taking in the magnificent view I began to focus on little things like why are there two empty disused train compartments down below me?  Why is there a two-seater tan leather sofa next to them?  Why do three windows in a nearby building flash red, green, purple and blue but the other 57 (I counted) don’t?

And then my hour was over.

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