Posted: 14/10/21

Sunset 31 August - Lulu Frenett

Gosh, it went so quickly!  I couldn’t believe it when John came in half way through.  It was so lovely to feel so close to the city but be so far above it. 

It started off so clear, but then a fog came in and almost coated the whole city in its darkness.   

I actually wrote a poem about it whilst in the box so thought this is the place to share it! 

Standing proud and standing tall, 

Watching calmly over it all. 

Scanning down on the streets below 

Traffic and people in constant flow. 

Then, just after I started, it came. 

A thick black fog across the plane 

Coating the city in grey and dark 

Then rain started, making its mark. 

At first I was angry, upset and distraught 

But then trickled in a comforting thought 

This isn’t a bad omen or a horrible sight, 

This is just its daily ritual, turning day to night. 

This is my home, beginning to rest, 

A soft pillowy cloud to make its nest. 

And now my time as a watchman must end 

To leave my city to protect and defend. 



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