Posted: 25/10/21

Sunset 29 September - Lorna Robinson

On first arriving in the box, the first thing that hits you is the sight of the city all laid out and looking amazing. 

Looking west into the sun and trying to make out all the landmarks you are familiar with but seeing them from a totally different perspective, keeps you occupied for quite a while.  It is strange looking down and seeing everyone rushing around or meandering through the park and wondering if they know I am up here looking down on them. 

Looking out east, I am awed by the sight of the river and how vast it looks.  Wondering about all the ships that have sailed up there and out into the North Sea.  What would the city have looked like with all the vessels lined up in Queen’s Gardens and along the edge of the river? 

But as I watch the last rays of sun slide behind the clouds, I stand and watch a perfect blue sky going a little shade of orange and the few clouds tinted with the colour and I am very surprised at how calm and tranquil it feels.  Even with the wind blowing outside round the box and the noise of the traffic on the A63. 

As I look down on the back of William Wilberforce, I am really pleased I have had the chance to do this and thank you for the time Meg chose to give up to see all was well with me.  I will remember it for a long while to come.  XX 


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