Posted: 25/10/21

Sunset 28 September - Andy Train

52nd birthday – a unique end to a lovely day celebrating my birth.  A Batman-like experience as the city rushed home although I noticed those perhaps without places to go huddled beneath the bandstand, raining and windy which seemed amplified in the structure. 

Gaining confidence in the ‘box’ I realised how lucky I was to be able to see, my eyes allowing me to watch, to witness, to enjoy the birds flying by, the helicopter landing with a casualty near Hull Royal, the MKM Stadium lights growing brighter as the match time drew nearer.  Nature vivid with trees and vegetation becoming darker as light failed. 

The complex city, the hubbub of our lives played out during rush hour marking the close of another day. 

East and West so different, the distant bridge, making sense of the structures I recognised and others that continue to be a mystery.  The wonder and unplugged opportunity.  A privilege; yet an honour.  To be part of something special during the pandemic which I forgot about yet was reminded by the graffiti COVID-19 – marked on a wall to the East.  History captured by cityscape and building. 

Thank you for this so much emotion, thank you for caring, sharing and looking after my welfare Meg my Companion.  XXX 


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