Posted: 25/10/21

Sunset 27 September - Clare Reeves

I feel incredibly lucky that the wind and rain disappeared and I had a beautiful evening to watch the sunset.  Beforehand I had thought that I would feel quite exposed (almost on display) but I actually found that I felt almost cocooned and physically very calm.  The contrast between my quiet space and rush hour down below was immense.  I spent quite a lot of the time just looking at everything to get my bearings.  This meant that I had a really good sense of place – what a fantastic vantage point.  I also decided to look east for most of the hour as it is a part of the city that I don’t know as well and I found that particularly interesting.  I would say that for most of the hour I found it very difficult to get a sense of calm – there was so much to look at that it was sensory overload at times.  I was noticing tiny details – art work in the School of Art and Design, people’s shopping bags, the train carriage behind the College – as well as discovering bits of the city that I’d never noticed.  As the sun went down I did manage to empty my mind a bit and just enjoy the display of colours across the city.  Looking out to see was really lovely and added to that sense of place.  And I had a visit from a kestrel who just sat and was at the end. 

 Amazing – thank you so much.


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