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Posted: 15/11/21

Sunset 27 October - Judy Walsh

I look to the East, not my side of town

it momentarily makes me frown!

Then I see the White Hart pub

- familiar and Jack Slims Club.

I see the ferry and right out to Paull

and across the river it all looks small.

Below me is a railway car?

I don’t know what that is for!

Blue lights flashing.  Buses and cars

all around both near and far.

An electric scooter flashes by

now that I might quite like to try!


I move to the West side to view and see

the West is the side that belongs to me.


I see the Wilberforce statue and the bridge on the river

the water is murky it makes me shiver.

The Guildhall is shrouded in net and metal

the result will be a building in fine fettle.


The birds are the only thing higher than me

all down below look very twee

- tiny and scurrying heading for home

some in pairs, some alone.


It is very cloudy out there tonight

so not much sunset for me – there’s little sunlight

But watching the sky darken and the night fall

this experience was great and I’ve loved it all.



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