Sunset 27 July

Posted: 15/08/21

Sunset 27 July 2021 - NICOLA BRYANT

I didn’t enjoy the experience at all.  Whether it was the murky, dark evening or the current times I am not sure . . . but rather than feel protective, I felt very voyeuristic – judgmental even.

Usually, a summer’s evening would be the perfect opportunity for people-watching – those out enjoying themselves with friends, etc – yet all I noticed was the despair and desolation.  People aimlessly wandering around Queens Gardens, others on bicycles but mostly alone.  It just made me sad that I had chosen to be there but they had not; and tomorrow when I’m back in the comfort of my own living room, they’ll probably still be there doing the same all over again.

But I am grateful for the experience and being part of something very powerful.  Thank you!

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