Sunset 27 August

Posted: 16/09/21

Sunset 27 August 2021 - SARAH PROCTOR

What can I say?  This was an absolutely amazing experience.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect!

Once I arrived into the ‘box’ I didn’t know where to look first.  My eyes flitted from left to right and back again.  I moved from West to East and back again.

As a “people-watching” type of person, I was simply fascinated at watching people going about their daily business – whatever that might be.  As the hour ticked by, I saw more and more people dressed up, all ready for a night on the town!  I spent time wondering where people were going and why.  I saw a barge coming down the River Hull.  There was so much going on in my head, it is difficult to remember all of my thoughts. 

I was fascinated by a fluffy dandelion head floating away.  I wondered where it had travelled from and where it might land.  I watched ambulances with their blue lights flashing and their sirens on hoping they would get where they needed to be in time to save people.  At times it was noisy, but mostly it was peaceful.

The perfect hour away from the worries of the world!!

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