26th Sunset

Posted: 06/08/21

Sunset 26 June 2021 - CHRIS WESTOBY

I started off thinking how proud I am to be from this beautiful city.  It looks so green and the Humber so blue on this fine evening.  I was thinking about all the adversities the City had seen from losing industries like the fishing which helped shape our spirit to being the most bombed city per capita but this City was still here.  Not just surviving but flourishing.  Where once derelict docks stood was new industry starting like the green energy.  So this City could not be kept down, it will not be broken but always there for us.

But as the sun started to finally go down to one of the most amazing sunsets I thought how unimportant all this is but how small a thing compared to the actual beauty of mother nature which creates every single day.

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