Sunset 24 June

Posted: 03/08/21

Sunset 24 June 2021 - KATE MACDONALD

Looking over Queen’s Gardens, I felt echoes of all the events I’d experienced there.  The angels flying from my vantage point in 2016 in our first taste of what was to come with the city of culture.  The rapture of the audience looking up.  The symmetry of the layout, the Festivals I’ve been part of down there. 

Looking over the city – the land beyond it.  The green of the trees throughout it.  The beautiful Wolds in the distance.  I focused on presenting myself through breathing and then zeroing all the things in the world that I’d like to let go of.  Fear, and division, the story we are told of the way things work – competition, scarcity and the need for endless growth!  Then focusing on beaming what my heart yearns for – popping love bombs from the box.  Blessing each car which drives by below . . . each bus, with popping love – compassion, connection, collective action.  I found myself singing – calling out to the birds, to the people in their homes – extending those love bombs out to sea across the globe.  Being a sentinel, witnessing this day transitioning and presenting myself in that in-between space with gratitude.  An opportunity to witness that transition which, whilst there every day, the busyness of life means one doesn’t stop and look.  I had a sense of all the people before me and following me standing in this space.  A flow of energy into the world – across my adopted city.  Love beaming out.  Connection through that chain.

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