Sunset 24 August

Posted: 16/09/21

Sunset 24 August 2021 - BAZYAN PSHDARI

Being in this small room for one hour made me have four strange feelings:

  1. I feel time has stopped and does not count any more.
  2. Since I was a child I was dreaming of flying and for a moment I wanted to break the glass and jump but 

        my self-confidence said, “Wait, Baz.  Stop.  You can fly whenever you need.”

  1. I was searching to find myself but so strangely I just found myself so easily at the end.
  2. It was a strange feeling.  I can’t say it’s happiness.  I can’t explain.  Like I could touch the sky and fly with

        the birds outside of the box.  A happy, strange feeling.

Thanks to all who made me do this.  Zoorspas. 

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