Posted: 15/11/21

Sunset 21 October - Alastair Devine

What a fabulous experience!  Compared to earlier in the week when I thought I would need wellies – the sun shone – and I had to put on the sunglasses!  From the Venn Diagram Bridge lifting to see the barge glide through to the flag at half mast on the Guildhall for the Bee Lady.

Traffic chaos – the Council should take a look at Hull’s “non-traffic problem” – the two cyclists I saw in the hour using the dedicated lanes!  Made me think – is all progress good?  Yes, the wonders of Siemens and the stunning Glass House – but the amazing old buildings of the past that put the modern carbuncles to shame (especially the 80s builds).  And if we didn’t need a reminder – the constant presence of Covid 19 – highlighted so well by the graffiti artist next to the River Hull near the Shotwell building.

As the sun set, the seagulls flew, the planes soared overhead – a truly memorable, not to be forgotten experience, viewing the sights of the City of Kingston upon Hull.


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