Sunset 2 July

Posted: 13/08/21

Sunset 2 July 2021 - ANITA BRIEN

Hull: a city connected.  Connected by roads, pavements, ten foots, a river.  Connected by its people: togetherness.

Yet tonight, on my own, high above the city, I felt separate, distant from my city.  The juxtaposition of history and innovation, of light and dark. 

The family playing in Queen’s Gardens at the end of the day: the girls at the start of the Friday night ‘out out’.

The busy-ness of a city centre: the beauty of the far off Yorkshire Wolds.

The vehicles crossing the sprawling Humber Bridge: the industrial wonder of the docks to the east.

The trees blowing in the wind: the trees that didn’t notice a breeze.

Above a living campus: beside a desolate river.


Hull: a city connected by our differences.  Connected by our pride.  Connected by our togetherness.

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