Sunset 18 June

Posted: 03/08/21

Sunset 18 June 2021 - ADAM BURNHAM

A wet and miserable Friday night staring out over the city, only a pair of seagulls for company, not exactly an average evening that’s for sure.


To see buildings from some brand-new angles was amazing.  I imagined the people who had spent time designing them, living in them or working from them.  All that history made me feel/realize how much ‘history’ there is in our city.  I hope for the sake of my children that the future is something they can look back on one day and feel as proud as me to say they are from Hull.


Tonight, England played in the Euros.  I commented how the rest of the country will be watching England but I will be watching Hull. 


Thanks to the organisers, volunteers and all that have made this project a success and something I will look back on fondly, despite this awful weather!


Best Wishes.

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