Posted: 01/06/21

Sunset 15 May 2021 - Kofi Smiles

I’m so lucky I don’t get hangovers.  And I say that due to last night, meeting up with old and newish friends to sit in the rain (which we’re all totally OK with now it seems) to drink, talk, catch up and mainly laugh.  Man, last night we laughed so, so much.  Honestly, it was deep, knee-slapping belly laughs.  The kind of laughs that roll through the body and vibrate through all around you.  Infectious laughs.  I know we got a good few stares but it’s all good; we were laughing.


I thought about this a lot during my time in the vigil; how much laughter there is in my life and how especially during the last 15 months laughter has been a steady constant in being able to help people get through this time.


I just want to make sure I can preserve the laughter in my future and by that I mean cement the people who can make us feel free to drop our guards, relax and open ourselves to laughter.


There’s always an opportunity to smile and look for the funnier things in life.  You just have to be willing to endure a little rain in order to get them.


Here’s to more clouds, rain and people to laugh through the storms!




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