Posted: 01/06/21

Sunset 14 May 2021 - Sean Alton

Stand still, listen.  The humm of the passing cars as the city is getting ready for its slumber.  What a treat for the eyes!  To see the ferry sail away to our pals across Europe.  Sails fast too!  This city by the sea is my home, home for 10 years, tears falling.  What an absolute feast to see a city of trees!  How lucky are we to have such green space.  I stand shoulder to shoulder with – William Wilberforce, holding watch until the next person sees the sunrise.  My love, Hull, a city with grit and dirt under its fingernails.  My city.  A special time for me as I will depart this land for some time, but I will be back.  I have power.  I have freedom.

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