Sunset 12 July

Posted: 13/08/21

Sunset 12 July 2021 - EMMA WAUDBY

I remained silent for my vigil.  The peace and silent noise was something my busy head needed.  It was nice to take that moment of reflection in my life.  Reflection being the emphasis word . . . I am 21 now.  A pivotal moment in my life.  The choices I am making now are going to impact in my life.  An hour spent overlooking my home allowed me to evaluate my decisions.  Looking in all directions reflected the directions I could take in my life.  This was overwhelming, yet exciting . . . .

Hull, I am proud of how far you’ve come.  But also Emma, I am proud of how far you’ve also come.  Whatever direction this beautiful city and myself make, we must not forget our roots.  I am immensely proud.

I will continually reflect on this experience as one that opened my eyes and made me proud to say, “I’m from ‘ULL.”

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