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Posted: 15/10/21

Sunset 11 September - Maddie Tyerrell


“I see a lot of things.” – Giovanni Silencio 

 I didn’t know what to expect running up to my Vigil.  I was worried it would be too long or I’d want my phone or my music.  But no.  I didn’t feel the need to check my phone once.  It was refreshing – something I should do more often. 

I saw so much, thought many things – did anyone see me and wonder what I was thinking, as I did them? 

 I noticed things I would never normally notice.  The way the netting on the scaffolding rippled like waves.  The way the light changed on the buildings and then disappeared off those buildings.  The way the sun hit the box until suddenly it didn’t and all I saw was my reflection and the light of the box. 

 I even looked down a few times, stood right at the edge on both sides, pushed myself to the edge of my comfort zone. 

I learned two important things today: sometimes it’s OK to push yourself to the edge of your comfort zone and to make sure to take time from the world.  I’m sure we’re all sick of hearing about ‘self-isolation’.  But on your own terms it can be OK. 


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