Posted: 20/06/21

Sunset 1 June 2021 - Dave Minns

Didn’t really know what to expect.  I’ve seen 61 years of sunsets but never really on my own and with only my own internal dialogue to keep me company.  My first observations were the obvious.  The Humber Bridge, docks, etc but once focused I could see the city I was born and lived had very slowly changed over the years but not obviously until I saw it from above.  It was so green with the odd solitary high rise (for Hull), the big sky.  As the sunset started to manifest it was quite spectacular seen from the vantage point.  I was lucky tonight; the wispy clouds highlight the show.  How did I feel?  Both significant and insignificant.  Significant for the now but knowing the sunsets would continue long after I have gone home, insignificant.  Felt privileged to have been part of the vigil.   


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