Sunset 1 Aug

Posted: 22/08/21

Sunset 1 August 2021 - JANIE THORESBY

Yorkshire Day.

I daren’t stand right at the front facing West in case it tipped!  Though I was OK facing East.

The trees in Queens Gardens were flowing in the breeze looking like horses’ manes.  It was such a green space in a jungle of different architecture.  I took a while to work out all the buildings and watched the red lights coming on at twilight.

I came to Kingston-upon-Hull in January 1967 to start my SRN training into new buildings of the Hull School of Nursing and HRI.  I remember looking across the city when I did night duty and being amazed by all the lights especially street lights leading out of the city.

My daughter started a successful Graphic Design business in the warehouse just below the shelter looking on to Queens Gardens.

The time flew past.

Enjoyable experience.  Thank you.

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