Posted: 31/05/21

Sunrise 9 May 2021 - Ollie Mudd

The city is torn, undecided whether it wants to hold on to its cobbled streets and Gregorian houses or whether it wants to be a pioneer of green technology.  Siemens will be this city’s legacy, I’m sure of it.  Concrete 70s and 80s buildings are interspersed by new age cladded ones.  Queens Park was once a dock, now it will be refurbished again.  The city is change.  Constant change.  What was it about this space in the first place where people decided to plonk themselves down?  Obviously, the river but that never meant we had to stay, did it?  Since then we have been ticking boxes of what constitutes a city.  City Hall, check.  Hospital, check.  Industrial estate, check.  Bus station, check.  Shopping centre, check.  But every city has those things.  We have assigned it a name.  Hull.  We connotate that with our ideas of what that word means.  A checklist becomes an idea, a concept.  The concept will live with that person until they pass away, until new life comes along and makes a new concept of the checklist, Hull.  All the while it will continue to change and you will argue if it is even the same city at all.

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