Sunrise 9 July

Posted: 13/08/21

Sunrise 9 July 2021 - ANNE RICHARDS

A perfect sunrise,

A ball of fire emerged from the horizon,

Beautifully illuminating this new day.

The silence and solitude accompanied by the song of the seagulls,

And a growing rumble of traffic as the city awakes.

The city that has got my heart,

And a new view of it, seeing it like never before.

Peppered with trees and greenery,

Life is flowing.

The river looked serene,

Just one ship heading out to sea,

The water waits for today’s traffic – what will it be?

Rediscovering the beauty of silence and solitude,

It’s not the same as loneliness or isolation,

But a time and space to reconnect

With ourselves,

Our city

And the goodness and sweetness of life itself.

Breathing in the smell of the wooden shelter,

Taking in the extraordinary panoramic view

And simply standing keeping watch, as our city awakes.

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