Sunrise 9 Aug

Posted: 22/08/21

Sunrise 9 August 2021 - ELLIE HARDY

Wow, what can one really say?  Such a privilege/experience, words cannot really describe my experience.  The visual photos of a stunning sunrise, rising above the City and beyond the buildings – all different sizes, shapes, just like us.  We are all unique just like our environment around us, the bridges and water (Humber and River Hull) that also unites us all.  The silence at times was just beautiful then you had the birds chattering and flying around us.

The change in the skies re light, clouds, etc dancing and constantly changing.  Thank you Janet for being such a wonderful Companion.

Just stunning and so personal so thank you Freedom.  Love, light, joy, hope, multi-layers, unite, silence are just a few words that came to me. 

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