Posted: 31/05/21

Sunrise 8 May 2021 - Louise Kirby

In a world of uncertainty, another day dawned!


I wonder if anyone saw me keeping watch other than the birds at my eye level.  William Wilberforce was facing away but I shared his view today.


The city felt very European from above and somewhat greener that I had expected.  It almost felt like when you do a jigsaw; at the beginning of the vigil I saw the view of the city but by the end I knew all the details . . . the windows, rooftops, graffiti, the subtleties of the colours – and a white telephone box – Hull has always been a little quirky!


Although my legs would not have made it through a whole day vigil, it strikes me that I have just seen the first episode of a programme.  I wonder what will happen throughout the day and what the sunset vigil will experience in tonight’s show. 


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