Sunrise 6 July

Posted: 13/08/21

Sunrise 6 July 2021 - JAMES NAYLOR

A dreary and wet start to this Tuesday.  However, this didn’t dampen my vigil.  The weather to’d and fro’d, rain streaming down on one window, spotting on the other, boats moving so early, performing work that I can only wonder about.  Admiring the statue of William Wilberforce, I pondered how someone could be so revered to receive a statue and yet be unloved and uncared for, that nature begins reclaiming its place.  Is this the fate for all men alike, wise or young, rich or poor?  Doomed to be remembered as only a passing figure whose history shall become myths and legends.  Alas, that is not for me to decide.  For all I can do is keep watch, keep vigil until the sun has truly risen on this small blue dot.

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