Sunrise 31 July

Posted: 15/08/21

Sunrise 31 July 2021 - DAVE WINDASS

I’m not sure if William Wilberforce is known for getting high but it was great to be higher than him for once!

Great opportunity to view the city from a unique perspective – stunned by its beauty and compactness – reinforced my love for the place.

It took a while but I entered a lovely meditative state – time hung beautifully.  Thought a lot about people I’ve loved and lost.

No sun to speak of – pretty cloudy morning – but the weather just was.  We have big skies to take in here, in the absence of too many high-rise buildings.

Life on the streets kicked in later than I imagined – a couple walked across the front of the building clearly after a late night together.  Some lads in hi-vis.  A couple of council vans.  Not much else.  Still, Saturday, eh?!

Loved the space and the frame on the glass created by the lighting in the cube.

An honour to hold vigil over Hull for the hour!  Cracking and, for many reasons, a totally unique experience!!

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