Posted: 25/10/21

Sunrise 30 September - Lucy Francis

The sky was on fire when I first got inside the box.  An incredible sight and one I haven’t witnessed over our city before. 

I’m so proud of our city.  We are fighters.  Hull is industrious, resilient and humble and the streets are laden with survivors.  I wish more of our community felt that.  I wish more of us felt proud.  I want more people to feel connected.  I want more people to do less surviving and more living in our city. 

The seagulls carry the stories from the sea . . . I love that sound. 

I haven’t sat on my own like that for a very long time.  It was painful and beautiful in equal measure.  That’s how I see Hull – there’s so much to be cured and yet so much to be celebrated. 

Thank you for giving me this opportunity and for continuing to keep Hull in a creative space.  It’s so important that we continue to challenge and inspire in this city.  Art and culture will empower us and help us to see ourselves as the amazing survivors that we are.  X 


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