Sunrise 3 July

Posted: 13/08/21

Sunrise 3 July 2021 - LAURA GREENDALE

There’s something quite magical about seeing your city wake up and come alive.  It’s also fascinating to experience the stillness and notice what you become fixated on.

  • A man on a bike – why is he up at this time? Where is he going?  Where did he come from?
  • Four ambulances – I hope whoever is in it is OK.
  • Which street are those houses on? I’ve never seen them before.  I wonder who lives there.

Etc . . .

As someone with firm Hull roots, I wanted to think about the generations before me and the city view they might have experienced today.  I wondered whether the landscape was better/worse, more beautiful, more industrial.


The Hull Vigil has allowed me to pause for thought – I feel honoured to have been able to play a part.

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