Posted: 25/10/21

Sunrise 29 September - Jill Cuthbert

Thank you to all involved for this wonderful opportunity to watch my city awaken and get ready for the day ahead. 

My main reason when signing up was to witness the sun rising over my city in the east, where I was born.  Sadly, in that I was disappointed as the thick cloud cover obscured the sunrise hinted at in the pink fluffy clouds of the otherwise clear sky to the west! 

As I always am, I was drawn to the River Humber and the landmarks of the Humber Bridge to the West and the Siemens factory to the East were being illuminated beautifully.  After getting my bearings and recognising familiar buildings, I then found myself alone with my thoughts and at peace which I guess is the purpose of the vigil.  I loved it.  Thank you.  


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