Sunrise 29 July

Posted: 15/08/21

Sunrise 29 July - SU DAVIS

Thirty years ago I had a view over the city regularly from the top of Romeo and Juliet’s nightclub (probably with a Blue Bols and lemonade in hand because I thought it was cool!).  A lifetime has passed since then and how the city has changed.

New buildings mixed with old but still the same familiar landmarks.  The green dome of the Town Docks buildings.  The Humber Bridge – the landmark that signals ‘you’re home’ when you spend any time away.  The River Humber and the docks and over in the distance the rise of the Wolds.  I’ve lived in Hull most of my life and feel lucky to be part of this wonderful place.


As the sunrise cast its light on the City it started to come to life.  More cars, buses, cycles and people walking – to start their day or go home to bed.  The seagulls became noisier and more gathered – a reminder that we are a short distance from ‘seaside’ and all of the memories of great days out eating fish and chips and ice cream, making sandcastles, playing with a bat and ball.  Memories of family and good times.


It’s been a strange year – Covid has changed how everyone lives their lives and prioritised what’s important.  From locked down when the world became still and quiet to the halfway house we have now – free but not quite.  What persists is the connections and relationships of those we love and hold dear.  The ones who I have shared so many happy memories with.  Walking the streets of Hull with my friend ‘Thelma’ to my ‘Louise’.  Visiting the seaside with my mum, dad and sister and then my own family; husband and two daughters sharing tales of days gone by when I was a child.  


If the buildings could speak they could tell their tales of all of the history held in their walls.  There’s so much history right under our feet as we walk around the city.  We need to keep our connections and make new ones by telling our stories and sharing our tales.

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