Sunrise 28 July

Posted: 15/08/21

Sunrise 28 July 2021 - JULIE GIBSON

Thinking about how Hull has developed – from poverty and hard work, streets in the Old Town, how people lived – the changes and developments of the city over the years.  Industry – docks – not much left – new world – Siemens – creating jobs, much needed.  Young people need a future and a sense of belonging and purpose.

Serenity of Queens Gardens, peaceful, lovely, changed from a working dock to a place to relax and enjoy.  Humber Bridge . . . a means to go to other places – fantastic landmark – and a bridge for visitors to Hull.  The difference in the architecture of buildings, beautiful old structures, then ‘modern’ (70s style) changes the landscape – not always to the benefit of the city’s aesthetics. 

A time to reflect on my whole life in Hull, worked across the city and made a positive difference to some people’s lives which I am proud of.

A significant birthday for me this year and I had a special time looking and reflecting and appreciating what I have . . . keep the thoughts close to me . . . . 

I had a special experience doing this VIGIL and put complete trust in the project, when I stood in the corner and knew I was ‘suspended’ I felt safe.  Thank you for looking after me and allowing me to be part of this first for UK project!!  XX 

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