Posted: 21/10/21

Sunrise 24 September - Sam Kind

The sun was creeping up to the east as I entered and began my vigil.  The ferry was beginning her final balletic dance into dock as the sun bathed the east of the city in a warm light.  Seagulls soared over the estuary as traffic began moving along the A63 and a few pedestrians came into view heading off to begin (or end) their day.   

As the sun began to climb, the traffic on the river increased and the city began to light up with a warm glow. 

Going round in my head was the realisation that, five months later, I am still alive.  I am grateful for every day and grateful for the people who saved my life.  CPR is a skill we should all learn.   

Then, from nowhere, an Irish melody fills my head, going round and round, an unscripted, unaccompanied soundtrack as the city comes to life.  Life goes on. 


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