Sunrise 24 July

Posted: 15/08/21

Sunrise 24 July 2021 - EMMA PARKINSON

What a revealing experience – completely unexpected and a revelation about the surprising places your mind can drift.

I had little preparation for the experience, being asked last night to take part this morning – I see this as a positive.

This was an experience of reality – I knew I could leave, I volunteered, I agreed and yet there were moments of time where I felt a loss of liberty or being trapped.  Couple this with being totally exposed by two windows and yet being hidden above – unseen.

Complete serenity and silence at times heavily punctuated by seagull song.  A moment of peace and freedom.  The two windows provided such differing experiences although I would not say our city was asleep.  Two directions – heading home and heading out.

Seeing people go about their business and realizing the reality of ‘life goes on’.  I never take time out like this.  I am good at relaxing – but this was different.

Clouds obstructed any view of the actual rise of the sun but I was very aware of the moment; I still knew it was there . . . .

I call this city my home and have done all of my life.  I’ve loved, I’ve lost and I was reminded of this as I looked out.  Precious memories of my 41 (and a bit!) years.

Cheese and celery sandwiches from Marks & Spencers with my Grandma in Queen’s Gardens, teenage years shopping, early adulthood making my way to where I am.

Heritage – the River and the docks, ships and industry.  My Grandad, my son, Josh 19, jumping into my thoughts all the time.  Punctuated by graffiti – COVID 19 84!  A reminder of recent times.

A grown man choosing to jump on to the wall and walk along it instead of the path . . . such a long hour in that box but also so short.  A moment to cherish.

Forever, this moment in time will be a comma in my life story. 

Thank you. 

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