Sunrise 23 June

Posted: 03/08/21

Sunrise 23 June 2021 - JANET ANDERSON

WOW, WOW, Flippin’ WOW!!

Just love my city and having the opportunity to do the Vigil is amazing.  Thanks for the opportunity.

Looking out east is where I was born and spent half of my life.  The second half I’ve lived in the west.  So, so, so many memories.

Our River is the best thing about my city dividing it into two halves.  My family go back 250 years on the river, working the barges. 

The awesome trees are like broccoli pieces from up here.  I’m even above the birds.  They were singing at 3.30 am on the cark park. 

I am a 2017 City of Culture volunteer and it has changed my life, seeing all the places I didn’t know existed from up in the Box = Incredible.

Oh, what a beautiful morning and everything’s going my way.


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