Posted: 15/11/21

Sunrise 22 October - Christina Gabbitas

As I arrived the city looked grey but wasn’t long before the sun started to peep on the horizon.  The clouds didn’t succeed in hiding its powerful light projected beams onto the Humber.  I looked down to see the city moving and awake, evoking memories of once living in the East of the town.  A blue lighted ambulance reminded me of being taken to Hedon Road maternity unit in 1997 when my daughter Elizabeth was brought into the world at just 28 weeks gestation.

The sun starts to beam even brighter, lighting up the whole city and sky.  A wonderful and peaceful way to spend my Friday morning away from social media and alone with my thoughts.

Thank you.  Best Wishes. J

 A short poem (6 lines)

 The Vigil Visit by Christina Gabbitas

                                   (9.04) 21.10.21

I’m in a performance with no script or expectation

I stand in silence with such trepidation

The sun begins to break its powerful light

I’m in a different world, I’m a phoenix in flight

I’m centre stage but hidden from view

A place to be at peace, to reflect and renew. 



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