Posted: 21/10/21

Sunrise 21 September - Marguerite Reedier

Summer is fading: 

The leaves fall in ones and twos 

From trees bordering 

The new recreation ground. 

(Philip Larkin) 

It’s the last day of summer and, as the beautiful Harvest Moon disappeared, a glorious sunrise began.  I marvelled too at the contribution of humankind in the magnificent architecture, reflected on ancient ingenuity made modern while watching the balletic performance of distant wind turbines and considered the irony of our life-giving sun rising above the Shotwell Tower of the Gamebore Cartridge Company Ltd.   

The road traffic halted while Drypool Bridge gracefully lifted to allow a barge to pass along the River Hull demonstrating which form of transport still takes priority in this Maritime City.  I was filled with an overwhelming sadness as the approach of the daily ferry from Rotterdam gave a reminder we’re no longer part of the European Union. 

I chose today for my Vigil because it marks half a century since I came to Kingston upon Hull intending to stay for three years.  Since 1971, I’ve always lived and worked within the city boundary and I’ve loved doing so.  Hull has blessed me with a job I enjoyed, good neighbours, great friends and an extremely happy marriage to my Hull born and bred husband Graham who has been my constantly caring Companion this morning, as always. 

I truly enjoyed my time in the Vigil shelter.  What did I learn?  That sometimes it’s good to think inside the box.   


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