Sunrise 21 June

Posted: 03/08/21

Sunrise 21 June 2021 - STEVE HUBBARD

Summer Solstice.  Blessed with an incredible sunrise.  The sky was on fire.


My mind was racing; my family past and present; from my Grandad who worked on the docks (Benji) to my Mum’s Dad (Walt) worked at Turner’s (Everything But The Girl) – miss them.  My Mum passed away at 50 (Pat).  She was our world.  Still miss her every day.  I’ve got four brothers and sisters.


I look to the east towards the old Craven Park bringing back happy memories of playing for HKR playing with Rodger and Clive; the day we set off to Wembley in 1980 and, of course, bringing the Cup back to East Hull (even though I’ve been brought up in West Hull).


I’ve been thinking of my son Josh, who has been in NYC, not been able to see our new grandson (Otis and Sigge) because of Covid, that’s been hard.  Thankfully, my daughter Alison gave us a granddaughter, Rudie, through lockdown – she will never know how much she helped me; after being diagnosed with cancer (on the mend now).  Lyn, my wife, is a saint putting up with me.  Love her to bits.


Hull is our home, wouldn’t swap it for anywhere else.  It breathes love.


  1. Thanks for giving me the opportunity Hull for letting me look over this beautiful city.

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