Posted: 20/10/21

Sunrise 20 September - Julie Dawn Waudby

We all have our reasons to do the Vigil.  Mine is that one year ago I lost my husband Ian David Waudby quite suddenly at home.  I had 46 wonderful years from the age of 13.  This was my personal Vigil and I will always remember 20.9.20 at 9.20 am.   

I needed my one hour of peace in the shelter, no technology, no voices apart from my own.  Looking out onto our City and keeping watch.  My memories will always be there.  I have just watched a lovely sunrise and finished with blowing a kiss to Ian.  A sad but lovely day.  Happy birthday to my wonderful husband Ian David Waudby 28th September 1959. 

 Thank you for an hour of peace and reflection.   


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