Sunrise 2 Aug

Posted: 22/08/21

Sunrise 2 August 2021 - CHRIS HEALE

Permanence and change.

Reality versus expectation.

I had a strong sense of each of us living very different lives within a tight structure and how this regimentation suits some, but not all.

As the sun broke through the clouds I became aware that my gaze was following a triangle – from the sun, across the land and up to the crescent moon.

I was facing East – I remembered that this was where I lived when I was younger – I felt part of the place.

I watched a slow ship on the horizon for many minutes until I realised that it was a building.

When I turned to face the city in shadow, I realised that when the sun shines each of us is a clock.

I looked in and saw a place where lives begin and end.  A reminder of the passing of time.

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