Posted: 20/06/21

Sunrise 19 May 2021 - Jo Charlton

I wanted to do the Hull Vigil because it feels full of hope after what’s been a very difficult year – 15 months now – for all of us.  It feels like a slow, gentle build to all of us in Hull hopefully being able to share amazing experiences again and this is an amazing, unique experience. 

The sunrise this morning was beautiful and the sky intensely blue.  I had forgotten how quickly the sun comes up.  Another reason I wanted to do this was to be alone after a long time never alone and always in my house, its four walls and its four people.  We’re lucky to have each other, but I also feel lucky to be able to do this and to have Leanne as a companion for this experience.  It took my mind a while to settle.  I did a couple of sun salutations (cheesy, right?!).  I breathed deep and watched, trying not to think about whether I was being watched.  Identifying the buildings made me think of the shadows of all the incredible events that have happened in recent years.  And all the people that have come together to make them special.  I hope more will happen in the future.  I began this month organising a vigil to remember women who had been murdered by men, in Queen Victoria Square and as I looked out, I thought of them.  And what needs to change.  So everyone is safe.  The views to east and west are so different it reminds you what an incredible compact city this is, with so much going on.  I could even see the university, the Humber Bridge, the other side of the Humber.  Hull is very special.  A one-off. 

 Thanks to everyone who helped make Hull Vigil happen and here’s to more time spent in the moment, enjoying life and what we have.  XXX 


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