Sunrise 19 June

Posted: 03/08/21

Sunrise 19 June 2021 - ELAINE PEARSON


My first thoughts as I entered the box were, ‘WOW!  Queen’s Gardens looks so clean.’  Smiling at myself I then settle into my ‘Watch’.  Looking over at Wilberforce I felt like he was going to turn around and smile.  Maybe say, ‘Welcome to my world as it is now.’  I felt a little frustrated with myself as I looked out towards the East as my sense of direction is very bad.


As time went on I noticed my breathing had slowed down and I was able to enjoy the peacefulness of a city sleeping. 


This city really does feel like it’s split into two parts.  I really noticed the green parts on the outskirts of the West as opposed to the industry of the East. 


Overall this was an amazing experience but sadly my expected spectacular sunrise was not to be!  Thank you for the chance to be part of this.

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