Posted: 19/10/21

Sunrise 16 September - Melanie Hughes

Watching the sun rising over the docks and watching a ferry coming in was the first part of my experience, followed by the city beginning to wake. 

First, the seagulls started to disperse from their roosts, then the early morning exercisers by the pavilion in Queen’s Gardens.  Out came the high viz jackets, the suits and finally, towards the end of my hour, the children with their parents, excitedly running down the street to start their day. 

I feel very privileged to have seen the city waking for another day although it felt a little like I was prying on all the people walking by as I could see them but they couldn’t see me. 

I did find myself wondering what their stories are.  I’m watching them, but what are they thinking about? 

Definitely a very different way to start my birthday, but perhaps something I will do more often in a secluded spot to observe the world pass by. 


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