Posted: 19/10/21

Sunrise 14 September - Randall Barlow

The Watcher’s solitary vigil, 

Like that of ancient Uatu on the moon 

Is purposed simply to observe and notice, 

Reflect and ponder, 

Perhaps to pray and learn. 


A sense of timelessness penetrates 

The vigil in the tower. 

The rising sun itself, 

The only marker of the march of time. 


The people of the city begin to rise 

Alarm clocks and radios and coffee 

Urge them out upon their path. 

Workers, students, travellers 

Enter out upon the day. 


Above these impressions of individual energy 

The Watcher notices life itself. 

Life in industrious application, 

Or even just wandering about,  

Is still governed by sunlight 

Just as it was millennia ago.  


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