Sunrise 14 July

Posted: 13/08/21

Sunrise 14 July 2021 - ROVERT SPIVEY

On entering the ‘Hut’ I could see the clouds sadly moving through the sky.  I would be unable to see the sun this morning.  As I watched the sky the patterns on the clouds changed; some dark, others blue and tinged with the red glow of the Sun fighting to escape the cloud cover.  I liked the idea of the changing nature of the clouds.  They seemed to mirror the ebb and flow of the Humber’s currents.  Both working in harmony.  The apparent still scene is filled with energy.  This contrasted with the unmoving nature of the buildings.  Under the flat or sloping roofs the scene was of an early morning awakening being played out unseen. On a personal point, I viewed the tops of the trees I had planted many years ago.  The buildings I had worked in.  In particular the West side, looking down on Queens Gardens, the site I had worked as a gardener.  Seeing the changes to the landscape was a joy.

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