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Posted: 15/10/21

Sunrise 11 September - Suzie Nichols

I started by looking out across the east of the city.  An area I don’t know so well.  Almost still dark, I could mostly only hear gulls and the odd car or truck.  It was interesting to see evidence of Hull’s past; old docks sitting alongside the future – the Siemens wind turbine ship is dominant on the skyline.  I spent my time identifying landmarks I could recognise and looking at those I didn’t inbetween.  Sometimes a new view of an old favourite was surprising.  The Sun made an appearance and started to colour in the scene.  For the second half hour I looked across West Hull, where I have lived for the past 35 years.  I enjoyed reminiscing about places/events/people that different places reminded me of.  Even workplaces!  It was interesting to be able to see further and further as the sun came up and the early morning murk cleared.  The Humber Bridge, ever dominant in the area, eventually making its presence felt.  A great experience to see the city I call home from a different perspective.  As the hour came to a close the sounds of traffic blotted out that of the gulls as people started their day.  Hull has woken up. 

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