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Posted: 15/10/21

Sunrise 10 September - Sarah Mole

Well!  That was lovely. 

 A hazy sky and diffused pink light.  In the distance trees, windmills and an outline of skyline.  Like a Turner painting.  Silver river with P & O ferries coming home.  Then later a boat carrying turbines like monoliths stood up moving through the water. 

The Shotwell building stood tall directly under the rising sun, again, ‘monolithic’ I thought, as I decided to meditate. 

I said a hello to those I love, to those lost, to the people of Hull, out in the distance in Holderness, midway, under the green triangle of Hull Prison’s roof and then closer in the Maister building on High Street along the river.   

Wow, that river has been busy over the years.   

I could go on and on! 

A lovely experience. 

Thanks to the artist and Freedom and Hull and to the marvellous volunteer who fed me coffee and biscuits and kept me company. 


I’ll start my day now down on the ground.   


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